We accelerate hardware companies

Shape is a new, Poland-based VC fund investing in early stage companies that leverage hardware as a core component of the solution.

by investing in



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with a little help from

we have a
relevant experience

from investing and scaling over a dozen of hardware companies in the past

and the right attitude

at least that’s our previous feedback from working with the founders:

  • Shape VC team helped us from the beginning of Mimiko by recommending the best people. Thanks to their big experience in startups world, they were able to help us during first meeting in defining the direction of brand development and selection of best tools to accelerate our business.

    Stanisław Giera

  • Agnieszka and Maciej from Shape VC have a marvellous set of skills, which repeatedly helped us to accelerate our business and get out of though situations. Doesn't matter if it's about making an annual budget work despite complex and shaky cash flow, explaining complexities of fundraising, introducing us to factories in China or making introduction to the best VCs in the world - you can always count on them!

    Jakub Konik

  • I had the pleasure to work with Agnieszka Poznańska (Head of Origination @ Shape VC) at ZMorph. Agnieszka is a creative person, open and smiling with a great gift to identify and establish business relationships. All the projects we worked with together with Agnieszka were characterized by excellent organization and communication.

    Bartosz Lanc

  • Maciej (Shape VC) is definitely hard working professional, who knows how to conduct scaling a hardware-related business. I have worked together with him during our latest investment round, and his contacts, knowledge and experienced point of view helped significantly with benefit for us and our investors. Maciej is definitely a person you want to have near you when dealing with investment transactions.

    Jędrzej Kowalewski

  • Maciej - CEO of Shape VC is serious expert with startups and developing companies. He has strong numerous experience and he is able to focus until he succeed. Very smart guy! I would recommend him for those who like to work with people that you can depend on and who care for what they do.

    Wojtek Czajkowski

    Emerald Air

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